Arti cabin sauna installed next to and outdoor pool in the mountains with a gorgeous pink sunrise
Auroom Arti Outdoor Cabin Sauna
Auroom Arti Outdoor Cabin Sauna
Front view of the Arti sauna cabin
Angled view of the Arti sauna cabin
Arti Interior Wood Type Options
Up close of a heater and the benches inside the Arti sauna cabin
Top view schematics and dimensions of the Arti sauna cabin
Front view schematics and dimensions of the Arti sauna cabin
Wood from responsibly managed forests. Clear, straight grain aspen. Thermally modified using heat & steam. Wooden details pre-treated with sauna wax. Energy efficient design. Ready to use - no assembly required.

Auroom Arti Outdoor Cabin Sauna

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This 5-person outdoor sauna exudes elegance! It comes fully assembled and ready to rock. The dark exterior of this sauna gives way to a warm, natural wood interior. Enjoy beautiful views through the floor-to-ceiling glass front. The Arti is a space-saving sauna that doesn’t skimp on the room to stretch out. Sweat alone or with up to 4 of your favorite people. Add elegance and functionality to your backyard!
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Up to 5 person capacity
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Unit is sold and shipped fully assembled
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Wood sourced from responsibly managed forests
Door Swing
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View of the sauna bench, made with sustainably sourced thermo-treated wood

The Arti offers exceptional design and craftsmanship. The exterior cladding is designed to withstand severe climate conditions, making it a great outdoor sauna option. The Nordic Spruce wood is thermo-treated, brushed, and painted.

Arti sauna cabin installed on a porch

This baby is perfect for taking in views and basking in natural light. The large door and window are made from the highest quality materials – double-glazed tempered glass with quality pine frames with UV protection.

View of the sauna bench, made with sustainably sourced thermo-treated wood

Attractive and compact, Arti is a smaller version of the popular Natura model. While it shares many properties with its larger cousin, its smaller size makes it easier to install.

Up close of the sauna bench

With options for which right or left door opening as well as interior wood options, this baby is customizable for both function and aesthetics. Match it to your space and your style.

Product Details
Have a question? We have Rory, our in-house sauna expert, and we bet he has the answer


Arti offers the opportunity to choose the wood type for the interior cladding. When it comes to the wood, there is a choice of aspen, alder and thermally modified aspen, each with their own charms and benefits.Thanks to its compactness, Arti is a particularly attractive sauna. Its size allows it to fit perfectly in a wide variety of environments; wild landscapes, narrow gardens, even on roofs or balconies. As the sauna is transported in one piece, it can be easily placed onto high surfaces with a crane.

Quaility Craftsmanship & Design
  • Attractive and compact design
  • Exterior cladding featuring thermally modified and brushed Nordic spruce
  • Black exterior finished with UV protection
  • Double glazed tempered glass interior and exterior doors with pine frames and UV protection
  • Windows: triple-glazed tempered selective glass
  • Stainless steel/wood handles and black oxide lock
  • Waterproof roofing material suitable for the outdoors
  • Sleek black rain gutter
  • Transitional terrace with triple glazed tempered selective glass
  • Terrace finishing and board materials: thermally modified wood, brown finishing with UV protection
  • Horizontal interior and ceiling panels (Available in Aspen, Alder, and Thermo-aspen)
  • Drainage in backside of sauna floor
  • Inside sauna: high quality sauna LED strips behind backrest
  • Fully assembled-electrical connections made on site
  • Heater required
  • Dimensions 90.55” W x 110.25”L x 97.64”H
  • Left or Right hinge


  • Capacity: Up to 5 people
  • Type: Outdoor
  • Exterior Length: 110.25” (280cm)
  • Exterior Depth: 90.55” (230cm)
  • Exterior Height: 97.64” (248cm)
  • Available Exterior Color: Black
  • Available Interior Material: Aspen, Alder, or Thermo-aspen
  • Exterior Panels Included:Yes
  • Floor Type: Duckboard
  • Lighting Type: LED strip
  • Door: Glass door with clear finish. Double glazed tempered. Width: 24.2" (61.5cm) Height: 72.9" (185.2cm)
  • Stainless steel/wood handles and black oxide lock, left or right door swing options.
  • Installation Requirements: Solid, waterproof, and level substructure. Final electrical connections to be done on site.


Lead times vary based on Cabin. Unit is sold and shipped fully assembled. Ready to use - no assembly required. Sauna heater not included.

THE ARTI Includes
  • Backrest supports
  • Backrest
  • Upper bench grid
  • Upper bench frame
  • Bench assistance frame
  • Lower bench grid
  • Lower bench frame
  • Standard base frame
  • Ceiling elements
  • Floor grids
  • Vertical moldings
  • Horizontal moldings
  • Fastening screws
  • Molding nails
  • LED strip


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These saunas are shipped fully assembled on the back of a flatbed truck to your address. In order for the sauna to be installed, heavy machinery capable of lifting the sauna will be needed. Often, a crane or large forklift is utilized. We recommend working with a contractor who is capable of preparing the site for the sauna and coordinating the delivery and installation of the sauna. You will need to have a level and stable surface for your outdoor sauna.

Heater Requirements

The Arti sauna pairs with a 10-12 kw sauna heater. The heater and sauna are purchased separately.

Have a vision for your sanctuary? We’ll help you design your dream sauna space, be it for private or public purposes. Let’s chat!

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