Cala Glass sauna installed in a dark tile bathroom
Up close of the premium tempered glass door and stainless steel/wood door handle
Cala Glass sauna front view
Cala Glass sauna angled view
Cala Glass and Cala Wood sauna cabins side by side comparison
Cala Glass sauna front view diagram
Cala Glass sauna top view diagram
Wood from responsibly managed forests. Clear, straight grain aspen. Thermally modified using heat & steam. Wooden details pre-treated with sauna wax. Energy efficient design. Easy DIY kit comes with everything you need.

Auroom Cala Glass Cabin Sauna Kit

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Meet the Cala Glass cabin: a modular indoor sauna that fits up to 3 people. It’s designed and manufactured in a small coastal country in Nothern Europe where saunas are part of everyday life, so you can trust that this baby is made with the utmost care. Sauna heater not included.

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    Up to 3 person capacity
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    Simple one-day DIY installation
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    Made with Nordic aspen from responsibly managed forests
    Questions? Contact Rory
    Up close of the wood detailing of the sauna benches

    Made from long-lasting, sustainably-sourced thermally modified Aspen from northern Europe. This chemical-free thermal modification process - done with only heat and steam - produces a product that is far superior to other woods for the extreme conditions of a sauna.

    Design process image and an arial photo of Estonia

    These sauna cabins are designed and manufactured in Estonia, a small country by the Baltic Sea in Northern Europe. Offering exceptional design and craftsmanship, it is the best option for a low-cost, aesthetically pleasing, and ergonomic compact sauna.

    Side by side comparison of the Cala Glass and Cala Wood

    The Cala has 2 front design options, glass or wood, so you get to customize the look and feel of your new sauna. We like the glass option for maximizing natural light to illuminate this beautiful sauna space and for taking in views.

    Cala glass cabin sauna installed in a bathroom with green tiling and dark wood floors

    The ergonomic compact design makes this sauna the perfect fit for smaller (bath)rooms, yoga studios, garages, or wherever you’re trying to build an at-home oasis. And with left or right-side opening, it’s ready to go anywhere.

    Product Details
    Have a question? We have Rory, our in-house sauna expert, and we bet he has the answer


    A small sauna with a big heart, the Cala Glass home sauna boasts a true Finnish sauna experience and meticulous attention to detail. The 3-person Auroom Cala model is engineered to fit into smaller spaces without compromising aesthetics or comfort. Its wax finish offers added protection for the wood and looks amazing.

    • Easy DIY cabin (4-6 hours with two people)
    • Luxurious glass wall
    • Premium glass door with metal-wood handle
    • Cozy and pleasant feel
    • Preserved with Finland’s finest natural sauna wax
    • Small dimensions (easy to fit into any space)
    • Door opening direction can be changed upon installation
    • Horizontal Thermo-Aspen exterior and interior paneling (STP 0.59"x3.54")
    • Upper flat bench
    • Lower flat bench
    • Backrest
    • Heater guard

    Specs & Downloads

    • Capacity: Up to 3 people
    • Exterior Length: 59" (150cm)
    • Exterior Width: 59" (150cm)
    • Exterior Height: 80.75" (205cm)
    • Volume: 162 cu ft
    • Weight: 900lbs
    • Material: Thermo-Aspen Wood, long-lasting and sustainably sourced from northern Europe
    • Door: Stainless steel hinges. Handles are premium stainless steel and wood. 8 mm tempered clear glass. Easily modified to open left or open right.
    • Finishing: Wooden details pre-treated with sauna wax
    • Heater Requirements: 4.5 kw, pairs with the HUUM Drop 4.5
    • Installation Requirements: Solid, waterproof, and level substructure. Final electrical connections to be done on site.


    Cabin sauna kits are intelligently designed for easy 1-day install and come with all the parts and pieces you’ll need. Sauna heater not included.

    • Previously assembled wall elements (6)
    • Base elements (3)
    • Corner posts (2)
    • Corner mouldings (4)
    • Ceiling elements (2)
    • Bench supports
    • Upper bench frame
    • Lower bench frame
    • Lightshade
    • Backrest
    • Bench grids
    • Glass wall
    • Door frame
    • Tempered Door glass (8mm thick)
    • Metal-wood door handle
    • Metal hinges
    • Heater guard
    • Finishing mouldings
    • 2 year warranty
    • Installation Manual


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    Indoor modular saunas are shipped in a large wooden crate via freight to your address. The carrier is responsible for curbside delivery, including lowering the crate to the ground via the liftgate. A signature is required for all freight shipments, and it's important not to sign if the shipment is damaged. If you notice damage and do not sign, the shipping company that damaged the shipment will be responsible for those costs. If you have ordered a sauna heater, it will be delivered separately. You will need to have a clear path for the delivery truck and space for assembly. The panels are designed to fit through doorways and other tight spaces, so they can be installed in a variety of locations. However, you will need to have a level and stable surface for your Auroom modular indoor sauna.

    Heater Requirements

    The Cala cabin sauna pairs with a 4.5 Huum Drop Heater. The heater and sauna kit are purchased seperately.

    Have a vision for your sanctuary? We’ll help you design your dream sauna space, be it for private or public purposes. Let’s chat!

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