Our house, our rules

These are the Sauna House brand guidelines

COVID-19 Response

Under the new Buncombe County ordinance, masks are required in all indoor settings.

That policy has always been a little tricky to implement in our space, due to the nature of just what Sauna House is. Here's the rundown as simply as we know how to say it:

→ Masks are to be worn upon entry to our facility and during your check-in with our team.

→ In the bathhouse, social distancing is required, and we will continue to operate at a reduced capacity in the space. Please wear your mask as you wander around our space, and safely store your mask if you choose to remove it in a "wet environment" (ie cold plunge, shower, sauna).

→ Masks are also to be worn during all massage therapy appointments.

We're all experiencing change fatigue after the year we've had. We're just as tired as you are and expect our community to treat our team and each other with respect and understanding as we all continue to do our best.