Our Story

Andrew Nehlig, the founder of Sauna House, has a goal: he wants to bring the ancient tradition and practice of communal bathing back into our communities.

Andrew’s wellness journey started in 2013, while living on the west coast. 

“I knew I wanted to start a bathhouse. It was a gut feeling - I just knew I had to do it. So, I started talking to other boutique bathhouse owners around the country. I would just pick up the phone and call places in Portland, Seattle, etc, and ask how busy they were this weekend and called places for a whole year. Since there was not a not a lot of data in the industry because it's so small, it was hard to get a pulse on the industry any other way. What we found out was that demand was high and that it was the right time to build.”

Andrew and his wife Katie started building Sauna House in Asheville in 2018, and opened a year to the day later.

Sauna House in Asheville now has an aspen wood sauna, a dry ceded sauna, two infrared saunas, showers, a cold plunge, heated furniture, and a fantastic massage therapy team, and more growth is on the horizon.