Garda sauna next to a lake and beautiful mountain range. You can see through both sets of windows of the sauna to see the landscape on the other side
Inside the Garda sauna with LED lighting on the thermo-aspen sauna benches and a beautiful view through the large window
Garda sauna cabin in Thermo-Aspen
Garda sauna cabin in translucent white
Inside the Garda sauna cabin
Style: Translucent White Layout: Rear Window & Opposing Benches
Style: Translucent White Layout: Side Window & L Bench
Style: Thermo-Pine Layout: Rear Window & Opposing Benches
Style: Thermo-Pine Layout: Side Window & L Bench
Front view spec drawings for the Garda with rear window and opposing benches
Top view spec drawings for the Garda with rear window and opposing benches
Front view spec drawings for the Garda with side window and L bench
Top view spec drawings for the Garda with side window and L bench

Auroom Garda Outdoor Sauna Cabin

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The Gard-a is hard-a to beat! (sorry) This 4-6 person outdoor sauna is both beautiful and customizable. The Garda is offered in two colors and two configurations, so it has something for everyone. Do you want a sauna that you can see all the way through? It can do that. Do you want a sauna that can comfortably seat 6 people? It can do that too!

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Up to 6 person capacity
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Unit is sold and shipped fully assembled
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Wood sourced from responsibly managed forests
Questions? Contact Rory
Garda sauna installed on a pond with gorgeous early morning light coming up over the trees in the background

Feel at home anywhere with Garda, a versatile outdoor sauna for everybody. Garda is a compact, affordable and flexible outdoor sauna with a clean design that looks equally at home in a modern city or a picturesque countryside setting, bringing you relaxation wherever you are.

Interior view of the Garda sauna and the thermo-pine interior cladding

The Garda offers a choice of two exterior finishes, classic thermo-pine or translucent white stained solid wood, which allows for the addition of your own choice of cladding. The two available models also present different layout options for the windows and benches.

Garda sauna with a side window installed next door an outdoor pool.

This stylish, functional sauna, which is delivered fully assembled and ready to use, is hand crafted by Auroom’s skilled technicians at their state-of-the-art facilities using carefully sourced materials.

Garda sauna installed on a porch with a city skyline view behind it

From the 8mm tempered glass windows and doors to the sleek aluminum frame, this sauna meets the highest standards of design and engineering.

Product Details
Have a question? We have Rory, our in-house sauna expert, and we bet he has the answer


The Garda is a flexible and compact outdoor sauna model that can bring you comfort wherever you are. This sauna is available in a thermo-pine exterior and has the option of a side or back window placement when purchasing. The high grade thermo-aspen interior reflects the minimalistic and bright environment and the stable cross laminated timber construction will ensure safety and durability. This functional sauna is delivered fully assembled and ready to use.

Quaility Craftsmanship & Design
  • Minimalistic and functional design
  • Available in two exterior finishes: translucent paint and thermo-pine cladding
  • Thermo-pine exterior finish is durable, environmentally friendly, and low maintenance
  • Translucent exterior finish has a polished look and is flake resistant
  • High-grade thermo-aspen interior
  • 8mm tempered glass window with optional rear or side placement
  • 8mm tempered glass door
  • Sleek aluminum frame window and door
  • Cross-laminated timber construction
  • Fully assembled - electrical connections made on site
  • Heater required
  • High-quality LED lighting inside the sauna


  • Capacity: 4-6 people
  • Type: Outdoor
  • Exterior Length: 90.55" (230cm)
  • Exterior Width: 90.55" (230cm)
  • Exterior Height: 98.82" (251cm)
  • Exterior Panels Included: Yes
  • Available in two exterior finishes: translucent paint and thermo-pine cladding
  • Lighting Type: LED strip
  • Door: Glass door with clear finish. Double glazed tempered. Width: 24.2" (61.5cm), Height: 72.9" (185.2cm)
  • Stainless steel/wood handles and black oxide lock, right hinged door
  • Installation Requirements: Solid, waterproof, and level substructure. Final electrical connections to be done on site.


Lead times vary based on Cabin. Unit is sold and shipped fully assembled. Ready to use - no assembly required. Sauna heater not included.

THE Garda Includes
  • Cabin
  • Benches
  • Backrest
  • LED Light strip
  • 2 floor grids


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The weight of this product requires delivery by special appointment on a wooden pallet. The product will be shipped from the warehouse to a local carrier on a semi-truck where shipping to the final location will then be coordinated and scheduled. Before shipping this product to its final location, customers will be contacted to share shipment details and discuss any extenuating delivery circumstances that may complicate or cause additional delivery expenses.

The driver is responsible for curbside delivery only and will lower the items to ground level.

Heater Requirements

The Garda sauna pairs with a 10.5 kw sauna heater. The heater and sauna are purchased separately.

Have a vision for your sanctuary? We’ll help you design your dream sauna space, be it for private or public purposes. Let’s chat!

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