Baby Bundle

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This bundle includes: 

  • Sauna House Unscented Body Oil (8oz)
  • Sauna House Earth Candle (12oz)
  • Unscented Mineral Salt Soak (32oz)
Unscented Body Oil
Our handcrafted oil is rich in Vitamin E, Omega-3, and antioxidants to protect, soothe, and repair your skin. Specially formulated for sensitive skin and noses, our unscented body oil provides relief from discomfort associated with dry skin.

This fragrance free helps enhance your skin’s natural barrier, protecting you from irritation and inflammation.
Earth Candle
Herbaceous and floral, this scent brings life and vitality to your space.
Made in collaboration with our friends at Elder & Co.
Gentle Mineral Soak
A therapeutic blend of mineral salts made in partnership with Celtic Sea Salt®. Our bath blends are rich in magnesium, which will soothe muscle soreness, decrease inflammation, and assists your body release tension and stress.

Our Gentle Mineral Soak blend is our same nutrient rich formula, without the fragrance. It’s as if you’re simply bathing in ocean water.