Looking for an At-Home Cold Plunge Pool? Here’s a Roundup of the Top 4 on the Market Today

Looking for an At-Home Cold Plunge Pool? Here’s a Roundup of the Top 4 on the Market Today

In our opinion, nothing beats the experience of communal wellness! Sharing a space and intention with others provides the connection and healing experience that many of us are lacking. But let’s face it, it’s not always convenient, especially when life gets busy. 

Schedules and routines change, and it can be tricky to make regular time for the bathhouse and sometimes, you just want the peace and quiet of home. But those disruptions in life don’t need to disrupt your wellness practice. With an at home cold plunge, making time for your wellness routine is convenient, easy, and ready whenever you are.

Enjoy All the Benefits of an Ice Bath at Home

Cold plunges are gaining popularity for their many health benefits from immune strength to improved circulation to reduced inflammation and more. Below, we give you the top four cold plunges on the market and the reasons why we love them, so the next time you want to give your body a healthy boost at home, all you have to do is walk between rooms. 

The Plunge

The upgrade your bathroom needs. The Plunge is spacious and offers both hot and cold options so you can take a cold plunge or use it as a hot tub. It’s the best of both worlds.

Why we love it: This cold plunge looks great, the cost is reasonable, and it’s easy to set up (less than 10 minutes!) It’s also designed for minimal chemical use with a system that filters the water for you every 10 minutes.

*At purchase, use code SAUNAHOUSE for $150 off. 

Blue Cube

This beautifully constructed ice bath is the perfect addition to your at-home wellness routine. If you have an outdoor space, it will blend seamlessly into your natural wood deck. This ice bath is easy to set up, simple to use, and best of all, you don’t have to buy any bags of ice to make it work!

Why we love it: These ice baths are made from US-made stainless steel and their durable structure will last you a long time. They have an oversized chiller for outdoor or hot environments. However, they are very heavy, so keep that in mind if that’s something you want or don’t want before purchasing. 

*To purchase, use the link here and code SAUNAHOUSE for $500 off.

Make it a DIY Cold Plunge Pool Project

For those of you who love a good “do it yourself” project, an at-home ice bath is another one you can try. The three components you need are a chest freezer, tub, or even a trash can will do, lots of ice, and water to fill it up. For more inspiration and direction, check out this video to learn how to create your own ice bath.  

Why we love it: Creating your own cold plunge is a cheap option, easy to set up, and all you really need to do is drain and refill it when it gets dirty. The only downside to this option is that it may not last as long as some of the other cold plunges and doesn’t come with all the bells and whistles (unless you're a really good DIYer and love a challenge.)

Renu Therapy Cold Plunge

This cold plunge tub, although not as fancy as some of the others, wins honorable mention in our book. It has a 4-part purification system that is all-natural with no chemicals needed. Place it inside or outside and use the programmable thermostat to control the temperature. 

Ready to have your own cold plunge at home? Have a few questions about the process? You can reach out to our sauna sales manager, Rory, to learn more about these products and how to install them in your home. 

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June 22, 2022
By: Andrew Nehlig