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We’re on a mission to bring sauna bathing and cold water immersion into your world - approachable, science backed, community centric.

To become a Sauna House owner, you must be value aligned and feel inspired to design, build, and operate an amazing bathhouse.

We’re creating sauna lovers, ice bath junkies, and more resilient communities

Sauna House is powered by a team of intellects, engineers, ski bums, dog moms, human moms, and of course, a huge ice bath. We’ve seen what the health benefits of sauna and cold therapy can do for people and we feel inspired to forge the future of communal bathing facilities. We’re a 1% for the planet company and believe in sustainable employment and business practices.


Now more than ever in the history of our planet, it’s important to think about longevity & impact. You won’t find a service or product that doesn’t meet our standards of uplifting the wellbeing of our bodies, minds, and our community.

Ancient bathing rituals + modern health science = holistic wellness for body & mind

Traditional saunas have been enjoyed for centuries for a reason. Use increases IGF-1, creates heat shock proteins, increases mitochondrial efficiency and cell health, and detoxes the body.

Cold Water Therapy

Hit the cold showers & ice baths to decrease pain, soothe and alleviate inflammation, elevate your mood, stabilize neurochemistry, and get a jolt of energy that beats espresso.

Rest & Technology Detox

We know how detrimental sustained stress is for the body and mind. Sauna House is phone-free to create a space for mindful rest & reconnection. We encourage lots of deep breaths & intention.

Infrared Sauna

Our infrared cabins offer a private experience where you can find serene stillness. Decreases stress, offers a meditative space, detoxes the body, and reduces blood pressure.

Red Light Therapy

On top of being a cool way to rejuvenate your skin’s health and appearance, red light therapy has also been shown to improve cell health, elevate mood, and heal damaged joints and tissues.

Hot Pools

Bathe like the Romans did - spoiler, they had it figured out. Hot pools are a pillar example of social wellness - they improve circulation, foster community, and feel really, really good.


We started Sauna House because the positive impacts of elevated bathing rituals & social wellness are too good to keep to ourselves - now we’re looking to share it with more people



You join us on the next group webinar. Meet Team Sauna House and go through the basics.


Review our FDD, finish your homework, and join us for another virtual meeting to answer further questions.


Come visit Sauna House Asheville. If everyone is feeling groovy, it’s decision making time. In the words of Derek Sivers, “It's either hell yes or no."


Let's play a quick game of franchise speed dating – do these sound like you?

Our missions & values have to be aligned – are you a planet-loving health & wellness nerd too?

Like any good relationship, trust, collaboration & communication are key

Our favorite types of folks are innately curious and eager to grow & learn

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This website does not constitute an offer to sell a franchise. We offer franchises only through our Franchise Disclosure Document. In addition, if you are in a state that requires franchisors to register their franchise offering before offering franchises or development rights in the state, we will not offer a franchise in your state until our FDD is registered in your state. Sauna House franchises are not currently being offered for locations in California, Hawaii, Illinois, Indiana, Maryland, Michigan, Minnesota, New York, North Dakota, Rhode Island, South Dakota, Virginia, Washington or Wisconsin, or to residents of those states. Not interested in franchising but interested in potential investment opportunities with Sauna House? Contact us through our investor portal.