A bathhouse that's good for the planet and everyone on it

We believe that all things should be sustainable for both people and planet, which is why we’re committed to creating healing spaces without hurting the planet. After all, our bodies and the earth deserve some gratitude – they provide us with everything we have.


We’re big on being the change you want to see in the world

We are deeply committed to supporting environmental sustainability and are proud to have already donated tens of thousands of dollars to impactful environmental organizations. Through our partnership with 1% for the Planet, we have set an ambitious goal: by 2027, we aim to donate over $580,000 annually to environmental causes. Join us in making a difference for our planet!


Bathhouses use a lot of water and electricity. Here’s how we combat that:

Not one piece of single-use plastic

You’ll only find things made of recycled material or sustainable plastic alternatives here.

All the cool kids are composting these days

Landfills are lame. All cups, lids, tea, and other biowaste are composted monthly.

Unnecessary waste? Never heard of it

We use cotton hand towels and rags, and don’t use electric hand dryers or paper towels.

Clean products with clean ingredients

We use Everyone Soaps (Eo) and Dr. Bronners, with certified organic manufacturing and B Corp status.


How a basement sauna, an infamous San Francisco street hockey league, and a friendly competition inspired the start of Sauna House

The idea for Sauna House started to form in the mind of our founder (hi Andrew!) while living in San Francisco and discovering the benefits of Hot/Cold/Relax thanks to a friend who treated his chronic pain with cold water of all things. After a 30-day cold water challenge, Andrew dreamt up a bathhouse where we’d want to hang out with our friends while healing our bodies and minds. Add a healthy dose of commitment to accessible wellness practices, a team of really cool humans, and a sprinkle of sass, and you get Sauna House.

“It’s physiologically impossible to feel the same after trying sauna with cold plunge. After my first time, I couldn’t get it out of my mind and realized people need access to this, so we decided to build our first facility."

- Andrew, Founder of Sauna House

Meet the rest of the team.

We are a dedicated group of pet parents, skiers, kayakers, adventure travelers and more who love bathing culture.