Our Mission

A bathhouse that's good for the planet and everyone on it.

We're committed to building healing environments to be enjoyed for generations to come.

Come see for yourself →

to change the world you must change your perspective of it.

The planet provides us with literally everything we have, it's time to show it a bit of gratitude.


Sauna House is a proud member of 1% for the Planet, Living Wage certified, and will be a Certified B Corporation by the end of 2022.

Sauna House is committed to investing in people and planet over profit.

To help combat our heavy water and electric use we're committed to going green in as many ways as possible:

→ There’s not one piece of single use plastic in the facility 
→ We use cotton hand towels and rags, and don’t use electric hand dryers or paper towels
→ We use a compost service. All cups, lids, tea and other biowaste are composted monthly
→We use Everyone Soaps (Eo) brand, and Dr. Bronners, with certified organic manufacturing and B Corp status. 


Born from an obsession with bathhouse culture while living out of a Sprinter van, Sauna House was designed to be a place where we wanted to hang out with our friends.


Why bathhouses?

“It’s physiologically impossible to feel the same after trying sauna with cold plunge. After my first time, I couldn’t get it out of my mind, and realized people NEED access to this, so we decided to build our first facility."

- Andrew, Founder of Sauna House