A bathhouse that’s good for the planet and everyone on it.

We’re a modern bathhouse committed to enhancing bathing culture & social wellness

We’ve created a space to bring the ancient practice of communal bathing into the modern world to inspire connection and healing. Discover the mental and physical benefits of Hot/Cold/Relax Therapy and be a part of our community of humans looking to take care of themselves, their community, and the planet.

Visit Sauna House Asheville


2 hours of Hot/Cold/Relax Therapy with our aspen wood sauna, dry cedar sauna, cold showers, cold plunge, heated benches, and lounge space.


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Infrared Sauna

Enjoy a 45-minutes session of calming and detoxing bliss that will make you glow in either our upstairs or downstairs infrared sauna.

Three steps, hundreds of benefits

There's a method to our madness


Sauna House Bathing Goodies

Enjoy the good vibes these hand-crafted products inspire. We make them here in Asheville in partnership with some other rad avl brands.