We started Sauna House because we believe that the healing communal environment of a bathhouse can bring a lot of positive change to our minds, bodies, community, planet - you name it. We ask that you keep kindness and respect front of mind when using our space so we can ensure a clean, healing environment for all.

If you run into any questions or see someone negatively impacting the space, feel free to chat with our team.


No cell phones - keep them in your cubby

Please silence your phone upon arrival and leave it in your cubby during your time with us. If you do have to use your phone, please do so in the lobby. Embrace the quiet time away from the hustle & bustle of everyday life - your brain will thank you.

We shouldn’t have to say this, but...

Absolutely no inappropriate comments or gestures towards Sauna House employees or visitors. Disrespectful behavior (sexual or otherwise) and/or making your fellow humans feel unsafe will not be tolerated in our space.

Respect the personal space & experience of others

Every element of the Sauna House experience has been intentionally designed to foster healing & rest, so we ask that you join in! Please be mindful of others’ personal space as well as your tone, volume, and what conversation topics you choose to discuss. You’re an important part of the vibe of our space!

Be honest & respectful when interacting with the Sauna House team

We might be biased, but our team of humans is the best in the whole wide world. They make it possible for us to come and enjoy Sauna House, and they deserve your honesty & respect in all interactions.


Shower before you enter the batthouse

Give yourself a good scrub (with soap!) before you enter the bathhouse. It’s important to wash the entire body to help maintain cleanliness & to remove any products (fragrances, oils, makeup, etc.) that could be harmful to the natural wood in the sauna.

Rinse off before you use the cold plunge

Rinsing off before you use the cold plunge is required. Since we get good and sweaty in the sauna, it’s important to use the cold shower to rinse away all that bodily yuck (bye toxins!) before getting in the cold plunge.

Proper swim wear is required

Bathing suits are required to be worn in the bathhouse. No nudity, no jean shorts (long story), and no underwear-as-a-swimsuit. We’re sort of like the opposite of “no shirt, no shoes, no service”.

Respect check-in & check-out times

Check in and out on time. This is important for allowing enough space for other folks using the bathhouse and keeps things moving smoothly. Failing to check out on time repeatedly will result in a 3-month timeout.


Nearly silent areas should be, well, nearly silent

Most of our space is designed to be social yet chill, but for those looking for a more meditative experience, we have nearly silent areas where you can find quiet. Please be aware when you’re entering a nearly silent area and keep conversation to a minimum.

We don’t want to, but sometimes we have to...

Sauna House reserves the right to ban any customer at any time for any reason. Guests who consistently disregard our house rules & negatively impact our environment will be asked to sauna somewhere else.

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