Save money & sauna more with Bathhouse Memberships

Hot-Cold-Relax on the regular & elevate your wellness ritual

This ones for our local sauna-loving community. Bathhouse memberships help you save some dough and prioritize your self care routine all in one. Plus members get fun perks - like buddy discounts for friends and more.

Did someone say perks?

Bathhouse Membership Pricing

2 visits/month $65 /month $32.50 /visit
4 visits/month $115 /month $28.85 /visit
8 visits/month $195 /month $24.38 /visit
15 visits/month $300 /month $20.00 /visit

Experience traditional wet saunas, cold plunges & lounge spaces with heated furniture

Perks galore! Members get...

15% off bathing products
10% off beverages
Any additional visits at their membership tier visit price
$5 off for friends who visit the bathhouse with you


Ancient rituals backed by modern science

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