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Step 1: Take a Shower

This is required (showering helps us keep the sauna and cold plunge clean!). Removing makeup and strong perfumes is important for preserving the wood inside our sauna, too.

We have personal showers available in our locker room for you to hop in upon your arrival. Please store your personal belongings in the lockers at this time as well.


Step 2: Have a Sauna

It’s time for HOT!

Enjoy the use of our aspen wood sauna (our wet sauna, located upstairs) or our dry cedar sauna (located downstairs in our quiet area).

We recommend spending 10-15 minutes in the sauna.

Step 3: Cold Plunge

It's time for COLD!

Rinse in our Nordic cooling shower (next to the plunge) then enter our 53 degree (F) plunge.

It’s helpful to remember, “reclaim the breath” when entering the water (a.k.a. don’t forget to breathe — it helps!)

We recommend spending 1-5 minutes in the cold plunge.

Step 4: Relax, Rehydrate, Repeat (2-3x)

We have sparkling beverages, tea, and electrolyte mixes to enjoy in between circuits.

Recharge in our incredible heated furniture designed and manufactured in San Francisco by Galanter & Jones. They have mastered a radiantly heated cast stone surface that is ergonomically designed, smooth and inviting.

We recommend lounging for…well, as long as you’d like.

Then start at Step 1 and do it all again!

Please silence your phone

Technology detoxing is a big part of what we have to offer and we hope you respect the environment we've created to provide this to guests.

We want everyone to enjoy a wonderful round of hot and cold therapy, so to do this we must show a mutual respect for one another and embrace the radio silence.

With that in mind, we ask that you please silence your cell phones upon arrival and leave them in your locker at all times.

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