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6 Routine Swaps You Can Make at Sauna House to Fuel Your Health

Raise your hand if you’ve been feeling like your wellness routine has slipped just a tad recently. 

It’s tough to balance daily life, a social life, AND stay on top of a health and wellness routine. And even though we try to be superheroes of our own lives, it’s not always possible to move at a hundred miles an hour and do it all. Sure, you could have a green juice at breakfast and ramp up the veggie intake to boost your health, but you could also make things fun by swapping out activities for a sweat session in the sauna, a dip in the cold plunge, or a rest in the bathhouse. It’s the best of both worlds — keeping your wellness practice up and switching up your routine too. 

01. Enjoy sauna culture and spend quality time with friends  

Picture this.

The week is winding down and you and your pals are trying to plan something fun to do together over the weekend. You could go to your favorite brewery and grab a craft brew (like you’ve done a hundred times over,) or you could try something new! 

Bathhouse culture and sauna culture offer a sense of community and are meant to be enjoyed with friends! So swap your social night out on the town with a bathhouse visit while you get quality time with your friends and a wellness boost for your body. 

For a more private option (maybe even your new weekly place to spill the tea with friends) our hot, cold, relax rooms serve as quiet oases to enjoy all the amenities of the bathhouse in your own space. 

02. Swap a work out for contrast therapy 

If you’re someone with a long standing workout routine, or maybe looking to create one, it can be easy to run out of steam, or go too hard and not prioritize recovery. It’s also really beneficial for the body to change things up! On those days where you’re dreading hitting the gym for another workout, try contrast therapy instead. Sauna and cold therapy can be used as a tool to actually enhance strength training and improve endurance — so….you can’t go wrong! 

In fact, blood pressure and heart rate both rise when you’re in the sauna, and studies have shown  that it's actually comparable to the effects of a short, moderate workout. Another perk of a sauna sesh is that it comes with recovery benefits too — like flushing out lactic acid build up and increasing oxygen rich blood to muscles. So next time you’re contemplating a workout, why not swap a gym sesh with a sauna sesh?

Lastly, contrast therapy can also support pain relief, reduce inflammation, and improve your mental health, so even if you’re not physically working out, your body is still getting amazing, important benefits. 

03. Plan a family day out  

Have family coming to visit? Stressed about finding something to do?

With the holiday season in full swing, there’s always a little panic trying to plan activities to keep the family entertained. Here at Sauna House, we’re all about shared experiences, and the bathhouse is a perfect place to bring the whole family for some quality time together. After all, that’s what bathhouses were meant to do in the first place — bring people together! It’s also a great way to introduce multiple generations to a wellness practice that they might never have tried before.

So, swap a trip to the movie theater or day at the museum with an afternoon at the bathhouse. Cheer each other on as you brave the cold plunge and enjoy catching up with one another with a rest in the bathhouse. No room for holiday stress here!

04. Take your home morning routine to Sauna House

We all love our morning routines, but everyone needs a change of scenery once in a while. Swap your morning reading time or meditation practice at home and bring it to the hot, cold, relax rooms instead. Not only will you have total privacy in the room, but you get all the contrast therapy amenities you would if you were in the bathhouse PLUS red light therapy.

05. Swap your weekly date night with a sauna date

Whether you have a set weekly date or you prefer having date nights on the fly, one swap you can make for getting dinner or drinks is a trip for two to Sauna House. In our private hot, cold, relax rooms, you get that special one-on-one time while you sit back, relax, talk and enjoy each other’s company. 

Choose your own experience with custom audio and chromotherapy lighting, feel rejuvenated with a sauna session, and bathe in red light while you rest and recuperate. It’s a date that supports your health and gives you quality time with your loved one too. 

06. Make work meetings more fun

Do you have a weekly team meeting that could use a change of scenery from the office? Bring your team in for a relaxed setting and enjoy some time together! The best part is, your team can get a health boost while you’re doing all the work things too. 

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We hope this gives you some inspiration for ways to shake things up in your weekly routine! Book a visit here.

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December 21, 2022
By: Sauna House