Building a Sauna Culture in Asheville

Building a Sauna Culture in Asheville

Creating a Unique Sauna Culture in Asheville.

These last few months the grind has been full on — marketing projects, design choices, networking, feeling mentally at capacity! We got our building permits the first week of July and it feels like spring has finally sprung inside 230 Short Coxe Ave. With framed walls and a bit of fresh paint, our sauna culture dream at little Sauna House is finally coming alive. 

It's been a heck of a process. Kate likes to point out my favorite saying, "oh it's not that hard." That's my optimistic, naive, and entrepreneurial spirit talking. Without this way of thinking I'd never have taken on this project to begin with. This way of thinking has also induced a number of anxiety attacks in the middle of the night. I'm opening a company with a pregnant wife and with a separated shoulder that seriously limits my ability to exercise. Stress levels are rising! But, I've found an incredible remedy. If I consistently use my cold tank at home to practice cold water therapy, I don't get anxiety, and I feel great. However, recently, I've been slacking on self care, and it's affecting my performance across the board. I need Sauna House! Before we started working on Sauna House, in Asheville, I joked with my wife that if I built a sauna at home, I'd never have the motivation to build Sauna House.

A Place to Benefit from Cold Water Therapy & Sauna in Asheville

Soon! Oh so soon! Both guests and I will have a place to "Relax the Mind and Energize the Body," a slogan I created that captures the benefits of hot and cold shock therapy in a short and absolutely true phrase. Here's why that phrase makes sense.

The Benefits of Contrast Therapy for the Body

After a few rounds of cellular stress created by the sauna and cold plunge, brain waves become balanced and calm. The blood inside the body feels excited to be delivering oxygen deeper and more efficiently to muscles, joints, and organs. The lymphatic system has circulated fluid helping cleanse and detoxify the body by activating the healing powers of white blood cells. The entire system is a go! I personally have never experienced anything with such consistent results for both the body and mind.

Ready to experience the benefits of contrast therapy yourself?

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August 25, 2021
By: Andrew Nehlig