Feel renewed with a private infrared sauna cabin session
A whole new way to sweat with infrared

Infrared is a modern take on a tradition that goes back for centuries. Infrared sauna cabins use infrared light waves to heat your core body temperature directly in a room that's only 135-155°F. This means you’ll achieve an intense sweat and similar health benefits to traditional saunas (which are usually about 185-200°F) but in a much gentler environment.

We have one infrared sauna cabins available which can be booked for 1 or 2 person private 45-minute sessions.

improve cardiovascular health    build a stronger immune system       reset your nervous system        relax and connect with friends

Here’s what your infrared session will look like

Before you sweat, shower off & suit up

Showering off (with soap!) is required to cleanse the body of fragrances, sweat, yuck, etc. This preserves the natural wood in the saunas and maintains the cleanliness of our bathhouse. We have personal showers available in our locker room for you to hop into.

Bathing suits are required, so use this time to change if needed. We also love to set an intention and take a few deep breaths.

Have a serene, meditative sweat for 45 minutes

The infrared cabin is entered directly from the locker room.

Sessions are 45 minutes long, but as with all things, listen to your body. If you need a break at any moment you can step out to stretch, refill your water bottle, or just take a few cleansing breathes.

Rehydrate, shower, and check out

After your private infrared session, you can head back to the locker room to shower off and retrieve your items. We love to wash the sweat off our skin with cool water for some added deep breathes. We have soap and conditioner available in the showers for you to use.

Make sure to give your body some much-needed hydration. We have a water bottle filling station along with a delicious selection of beverages available at the front desk.

Infrared shares many health benefits with traditional saunas & emerging studies suggest infrared as a helpful treatment tool for chronic conditions rooted in inflammation

Chronic Conditions Rooted in Inflammation

For chronic illnesses such as Lyme, autoimmune diseases, as well as chronic fatigue syndrome, regular infrared use has the potential to reduce symptoms and increase quality of life. Infrared light wavelengths are beneficial in alleviating inflammatory symptoms of many disorders. As always, please talk to your doctor before you change your treatment plan.

Healthy Skin

The hot air and moisture of a sauna enhance collagen production to help rejuvenate your skin's elasticity and complexion. The heat increase also allows your skin to shed dead skin cells and make way for new, healthier ones. Sweating cleanses the skin, flushing out all the bad stuff in pores and increasing blood circulation to nourish your skin. You’ll find that your skin feels and looks healthier and is less prone to acne, blackheads, and other pesky blemishes.

Recovery & Pain

When you’re in the sauna, your body prevents your core from overheating by directing more blood to your limbs. Increased blood flow drives oxygen deeper into muscles and joint tissue which shortens the time it takes injuries to heal and increases the body's ability to recover from athletic performance. It also soothes aches and chronic pain.


Infrared sauna harnesses near and far infrared wavelengths that are invisible to the naked eye. These waves can positively influence your body’s circadian rhythm and aid in deeper, more restful sleep. Routine use will help restore balance to your autonomic nervous system, allowing you to switch out of survival mode and ease your body into a state of rest and relaxation more easily.

Cardiovascular Health

As the body’s most vital organ, it’s important to keep our cardiovascular system strong and healthy. A study out of Finland found that frequent sauna sessions substantially reduced the risk of cardiovascular disease and stroke.


Our infrared cabins are equipped with LED lights that can be used for chromotherapy, which is becoming an increasingly popular treatment for things like seasonal affective disorder. Different color lights can cause specific changes in the mind and body. For example, red is known to boost energy while blue is shown to reduce anxiety and quiet the mind

Cognitive Function

Sauna sends richly oxygenated blood to the brain to improve cognitive functions. Regular sauna use reduces the risk of dementia, Alzheimer’s, and other forms of mental decay, potentially by reducing inflammation and the inflammation markers linked to these specific illnesses.

Technology Detox

Disconnect from technology and reconnect with yourself. Constant use of screens and media has made a major impact on our collective mental health. Leave your phones behind and enjoy an intentional conversation with old friends, the opportunity to make new friends, or take time to connect with your breath and reflect inward.
Have someone you want to share a sweat with?

Sauna cabins can be booked for 1 or 2 person sessions, so you can choose between a quiet solo sweat or the joy of a shared experience. Bring a friend, partner, or someone you’d like to get to know better - there’s nothing like a sweat to bring people closer.


Here’s what others have to say about their experience

This place is AMAZING!

I went on a fully booked Monday morning and it was peaceful and quiet the whole two hours. The whole place is really clean, has great feel, and the staff is super friendly.

What a beautiful space!

The staff is so friendly and the experience left me thirsty for more.

Clean, welcoming, and a wonderful facility.

While Hot, Cold, Relax treatments are relatively new in the U.S., this place makes it feel completely accessible.

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