Meet the Sauna House team

Andrew Lachlan, CEO & Founder

Andrew is always thinking big and challenging others to find better ways of doing things. His raison d'être? Building the best bathhouse brand possible. The team’s take on Andrew: Ambitious, Innovative, and Visionary

Jen Richter, Chief Operating Officer

Jen works to put the pieces of Andrew’s crazy puzzle together, even when they don’t seem like they are gonna fit. The team’s take on Jen: Rock, QUEEN, Bob the Builder

Gavin Jocius, Chief Digital & Marketing Officer

Gavin works behind the scenes and behind the screens to keep us at the top of the charts. With decades of experience in marketing, Gavin brings expertise, insights and a whole lot of encouragement to the team. The team’s take on Gavin: Sage, Horse-Dad, Thumb-Stopping

Kady Brotherton, Fractional CFO

Kady likes money. We all do to a degree, but Kady REALLY loves it. She loves to organize it, move it around, and collect data from it so we can make the best decisions possible as team and company! The team’s take on Kady: Patient, Organized, Whiz Kid

Mira Balga, Controller

Mira is the muscle of the operation. Need to call the accountant, but too scared? That’s when Mira steps in. She can also bake a mean dessert. The team’s take on Mira: Powerful, Resourceful, Steady

Chris Duda, Franchise Development Director

Chris is our hype man, and throughout a buildout, he’ll be yours too! With a background in engineering, this guy is your buildout guru, helping you build the best Sauna House possible. The team’s take on Chris: Energized, Thrill-Seeker, Frequent Flyer

Sadie Bowen, Brand Director

Sadie not only keeps Sauna House looking FRESH, but she also works hard to make sure our messaging stays true to our vision and values. She’s our resident Gen Z in charge of vibes. The team’s take on Sadie: PERFECT, Aesthetic, & SLAY

Rory Foley, Sales Director

We say Rory’s job title is “sauna slinger,” he’s actually our office comedian. Rory has a bit, a curated playlist, or an obscure pop culture reference for anything that you can bring up in conversation. Don’t believe me? Give him a call, buy a sauna, and find out! The team’s take on Rory: Lizard Dad, Charismatic, Wears exclusively Nike

Lou, Board Advisor

Lou brings 15 years of franchising experience to the team! As the President of the Stretch Lab brand, he grew them from 3 locations to over 150 open studios in 4 years. Currently, he is the President of the newly acquired brand, BFT, under Xponential Fitness portfolio. The team’s take on Lou: Motivating, Encouraging, Kind

We’re building an elevated & sustainable sauna culture, from products to business practices and everything in between.