As of July 2nd, 2022, the Sauna House massage program is no longer in operation.

We are incredibly grateful to our massage therapy team for everything they have done to make our massage program a success. They have helped many of our customers heal and thrive. We hope they can continue serving you after leaving Sauna House. If you want to connect with any of our therapists, some have chosen to share their contact information in the resource guide below.  

Katie Sachs
Backbeats Bodywork

Massage driven by music. Katie has been practicing massage for 5+ years, beginning her career as a deep tissue / sports massage therapist in Austin, TX. Gradually, Katie has moved towards a more nourishing, integrative approach to bodywork that also incorporates energy work and specially curated massage music playlists. Katie has worked in high-end, world renowned spas across the country and is excited to offer her private clients a unique healing experience with co-created sessions and specialized treatment plans. If you are looking for a creative approach to bodywork that values holistic therapies, look no further than Katie Sachs and Backbeats Bodywork.

Leila Taylor
Trillium Therapies llc

Wholistic health care working to find and heal the root cause of disease through diet, lifestyle and bodywork integration. You will leave with practical recommendations, effective exercises, and a broader understanding of yourself and the world around you. Topics addressed in the session include, but is not limited to energy, sleep, diet, lifestyle, menstrual cycles, and digestion. Hands on work incorporates techniques from styles that of deep tissue, myofascial release, swedish, NST, trigger point therapy, zen shiatsu, and marma point therapy. Hot stones, aromatherapy, cuppings and sandbags will also be utilized.

Lewis Smith
Lewis Rolfing®

I’m well versed in anatomy and structure/posture. I’m primarily doing Rolfing® (lasting structural bodywork), though we could also be a good match if you're looking for a no-nonsense therapeutic massage. I'm operating out of my studio in West Asheville which is an 8 minute drive from Sauna House. A 60 minute massage is $85, a 90 minute massage is $120, and a Rolfing® session is $140. No tipping is expected. Booking and further info is on my website.

Amy McMillan
Relax & Rejuvenate Massage & Spa

Amy completed her massage training in 2018 at the Center for Massage and Natural Health here in Asheville, NC. She provides massage for Relaxation and Deep Tissue, Hot Stone Massage, and Reiki.

Ren Minish
Deep Rooted Heart Massage Therapy

Ren has an integrative approach to Massage Therapy. He works with the holistic forms of Thai massage, Deep listening to the tissues(Deep Tissue), Nourishment of the mind/body/spirit through relaxation techniques. He has been practicing massage therapy for 8 + years as well practicing herbalism and a holistic diet for the past 12 + years.

Lauren Ferrone
Lauren Ferrone Massage and Bodywork Therapy

Jenna Shaw
Jenna Shaw Massage and Bodywork

Jenna specializes in deep therapeutic massages. She believes that it is important to perform long, full, slow strokes in order to activate the parasympathetic nervous system. Once the body is relaxed the deep work can begin! She is also trained in Ashiatsu. Ashiatsu is a style of massage where the therapist is on the table using their feet and all of their body weight to massage, it can be up to three times deeper than regular hand massage. She has a passion for learning and wants to continue to keep learning new modalities and styles!

Lindsey Chabot

Anya DeWilde
Anya DeWilde Massage

I'm a good person to come to if you need your body to open up and allow spaciousness. I have a studio spaces in North Asheville and an Asheville native. I'm consistent in multiple modalities within my massage. I do a mixture of deep tissue work, integrative, and energetic work in my sessions. Each session is different with each person. Really attuning and listening to their bodies, from there adjusting my techniques and of course their input of what they need. My most important technique is just being present.

Meg Ludolph
Moving Clarity

Meg has been practicing massage and yoga for the past four years. Her favorite trainings she has completed are: trauma-informed touch, sports massage, medical massage, and prenatal. Her true passion with massage is working slowly and mindfully to calm and reset the nervous system. She specializes in catering to those experiencing anxiety or depression, with hopes of easing related symptoms during the treatment and beyond.