An elevated massage experience that includes 2 hours in the bathhouse

Whether you choose our house integrative massage or a deep tissue session, we’ll help you find restoration

Find a deeper sense of relaxation & healing – all of the benefits of bodywork are strengthened through 2 hours in the bathhouse following your massage, allowing for a detox that leaves you feeling all kinds of zen.

Before every massage, our massage therapists will chat with you to build an understanding of your goals, your body, and what brings you that fabulous “ahhhhhh” of relief.

Integrative massage:
holistic, whole-body relaxation

This massage is rhythmic, soothing, and induces a deep state of relaxation through medium amounts of pressure. In this calm state of mind, the body will naturally release tension leaving you feeling calm and light. This style is great for anyone hoping to promote balance, healing, and relaxation.

Deep tissue massage:
focused & therapeutic

Deep tissue massage works to firmly penetrate and realign deep layers of muscles and fascia, your body’s connective tissue. This therapeutic style will center more on specific areas to get at the root of what’s causing pain and soreness. All bodies, and any pain they might carry, are unique. Your massage therapist will work with you to design an experience that fits your needs so you can find relief and restoration.

For expecting mamas, our prenatal certified massage therapists are here to help relieve the strain of carrying a little human

Please read through the FAQs for prenatal massages before booking.


Looking for an experience you can share?


Book a couples massage for three hours of relaxation for you & someone you love

Here’s what you and the human who joins you will experience:

First, unravel tension with a 60-minute massage of your choosing

You and your partner will each choose the massage style that sounds the most blissful so you can find individual relief in the joy of a shared setting.

Then head to the bathhouse for 2 hours of Hot/Cold/Relax rejuvenation

Deepen the release of bodywork with a visit to the bathhouse following your massage. We have teas, sparkling adaptogenics, and a coffee program to keep you cozy.


How contrast therapy deepens the benefits of massage

All of our massage experiences include 2 hours in the bathhouse to expand the benefits of bodywork with contrast therapy, aka the magical sauna and cold plunge combo. Here’s how it works: massage helps your body releases toxins and metabolic waste, letting energy flow. Our bodies naturally detox as we sweat, so following a massage with sauna is a holistic way to flush waste from our systems. Be sure to stay hydrated throughout the process – while you’re relaxing your body is working hard. As you’re releasing toxins, send a rush of mood-boosting endorphins and oxytocin to the brain via the cold portion of the circuit. Our showers and ice plunge will make your mind feel calm and clear — and give you a sense of grounded alertness that, in our book, beats any espresso. It’s also excellent for draining out your lymphatic system, a process that your massage and time in the sauna will have already started.

Completely pain free, increased range of motion, & a general serenity

were among the benefits I experienced...Highly recommend.

I had the best massage I've had in twenty years.

I spent the full two hours in the hot saunas and the cold plunge. I will be going back often.

It’s quiet, serene, & absolutely beautiful.

I had a wonderful integrative massage with Alexis and she was so considerate and soothing. I would recommend this experience to anyone!

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