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Massage Therapy

Our massage program is no longer in operation. To connect with our former therapists, click below.


A total technology detox.

Reduces inflammation・Improves sleep・Reduces stress and anxiety・Improves levels of endurance & recovery・Removes heavy metals & toxins・Aids in weight loss・Improves lymphatic circulation・Increases cardiovascular health・Increases red blood cell count and growth hormone levels + more


Hot and cold contrast is an ancient tradition proven to help alleviate modern day stress.

some kind words

"LOVED this place...The health benefits that I've experienced with the sauna/cold plunge are unreal. My chronic pain melts away during and AFTER each visit. I always sleep beautifully after visiting the spa. The location is amazing, right at the bottom of the South Slope so you can just walk on up for dinner and a beer after your visit. LOVE this place!"

Melina C.

"This is one of my favorite places within Asheville city limits for so many reasons. The staff are truly wonderful humans. The space is beautifully designed and creates a very unique, calming retreat from the outer world. The saunas are hot, the cold plunge is cold, and the combo of both is transcendent. I love the community and conversation that spontaneously and inevitably happens in this space. In these times, having a space where we can breakthrough the firewall of disconnection that technology has generated is truly precious. The Sauna House provides that opportunity for connection, which is an added bonus to the therapeutic benefits of hot-cold therapy." 

Erika B.

"This place does more for me than my health insurance. 6 stars if it was an option. Emily is amazing and always goes above and beyond!"


"My friend and I had an absolutely enchanting experience at Sauna House. It’s quiet, serene, and absolutely beautiful. I had a wonderful integrative massage with Alexis and she was so considerate and soothing. The space is clean and industrial, but still relaxing and inviting. The women who worked the desk were so sweet as well, and you could tell they take pride in making people feel at home in their space."

Sarah S.

"Incredible!...Completely pain free, increased range of motion, and a general serenity were among the benefits I experienced. Atmosphere is classic, interior well appointed, and conversation with other guests flowed freely and pleasantly. Highly recommend." 

John B.
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