We’ve got some inspo to help turn your at-home sauna dream into a reality

From the perfect sizzle to most efficient heat retention, we’ve got high standards so you can get the best sweat for your buck.

Prefab sauna room kits look great & can go indoors or outdoors

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When I think of prefab or modular saunas the words that come to mind are: Easy, Simple, Elegant, Quality. My favorite modular saunas come from Auroom and Haljas. They both bring a modern design language to the table that respects the experience of sauna without feeling stuck in the past.

These saunas either come fully assembled or require a simple assembly.

Rory's Hot Takes
The assembly is way easier than popular swedish furniture brands
Like a tiny house but way hotter
Build a custom sauna experience in a pre-built sauna
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Barrel saunas are your backyard’s new best friend

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Barrel saunas are a win-win. I have a tough time trying to think of a "negative" for barrel saunas. Here is my list of positives for barrel saunas:

1. Cool looking 2. Good experience 3. Cost effective 4. Round 5. Good aroma 6. Cylindrical 7. Relatively easy to build 8. Not likely to roll away 9. Amazing convection 10. 360-degrees of Sauna

Rory's Hot Takes
Made from thermally modified wood, which has amazing longevity and performance and smells divine
The experience quality in a barrel sauna is extremely high because of convection
Barrel saunas remind me of Hobbit holes (Bag End) and I love that
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Custom projects let you bring your unique vision to the table

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We design custom saunas for a few different reasons:

1. To fit in any location 2. To meet a variety of needs 3. Because they're cool 4. Because having an exceptional thermal bathing experience shouldn't be so hard

Rory's Hot Takes
Bringing the wild ideas our customers have to life is one of my faves
Custom doesn't have to mean complicated
What's cooler than having a one-of-a-kind sauna? Nothing.
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We’re on a mission to build a sustainable sauna culture, from materials to business practices & everything in between. As proud members of 1% for the Planet, a portion of all our sales goes back into environmental efforts.

Have a question? We have Rory, our in-house sauna expert, and we bet he has the answer