SaunaLife G11
SaunaLife G11
SaunaLife G11
SaunaLife G11
SaunaLife G11
SaunaLife G11

SaunaLife G11

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A spacious DIY outdoor sauna that boasts a creative aesthetic and distinctive allure.

🌟 Model G11: A Backyard Showpiece 🌟 Dive into the world of unparalleled design with the SaunaLife G11. Crafted with meticulous precision and unparalleled creativity, the G11 isn't just a sauna – it's an artistic statement. The Thermo-spruce exterior isn't just beautiful; it's a testament to durability, promising years of unwavering performance. This enchanting design doesn't just elevate relaxation; it transforms it, creating an immersive oasis of calm.

✨ Roomy and Cozy 🌈 Meticulously crafted for sauna luxury, the G11 boasts dual expansive areas, making it perfect for gatherings of loved ones. One section of the G11 is dedicated to the sauna experience, equipped with double-decked benches that can comfortably host up to 8 individuals. Its counterpart, of equal dimensions, serves as a relaxation and changing space, complete with extra seating, divided from the sauna by a dividing wall and a crystal-clear glass door. Distinct from conventional backyard sauna kits, the G11's natural aesthetic seamlessly integrates with the environment, harmonizing effortlessly with the outdoors.

✨ Remarkably Sturdy Build 🛒 The G11 is designed to brave even the most extreme weather events and comes equipped with a comprehensive shingle set, complete with roll-on underlayer.

💡 Elegantly Lit 🌈 An available light bundle provides an exterior white LED sconce, positioned adjacent to the main entrance, brightening both the doorway and adjoining terrace. The inner space is gracefully lit with soft neon white lights, placed both behind and beneath the seating area. Side LED accent lights, on either side of the dividing wall, can be set to pure white or a spectrum of colors, setting the stage for a holistic sauna journey. Every light can be dimmed and managed by a singular remote, accompanied by a practical wall holder.

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Room for 8 people
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Two room design
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Made with Nordic spruce sustainably harvested in Scandinavia and thermally modified for longevity
Questions? Contact Rory

The G11 is grand barrel bliss. Roll into the world of luxurious relaxation with our expansive barrel sauna! Crafted with a keen eye on design and comfort, this sauna is anything but 'barrel'y enough. Boasting room for a whopping 8 bathers.

The Model G11's outer structure is meticulously fashioned from top-tier, thermally-treated Spruce wood. Its enchanting natural aesthetic harmonizes seamlessly with its environment and resonates gracefully with the outdoors.

The adjacent room, of identical dimensions, serves as both a lounge and changing area, complete with extra seats. A divider wall, featuring a tempered glass door, sets it apart from the sauna space.

Rory standing in front of a barrel sauna

Barrel kits are an awesome DIY project. Kits come with everything you need to build the sauna space, installation is easy, and you can impress people when you tell them you put it together. As Rory puts it: “Minimal effort, lots of support, hella payoff.”

Product Details
Have a question? We have Rory, our in-house sauna expert, and we bet he has the answer


Experience the ultimate in sauna luxury with the G11! This beauty has it all: a sauna room with 2-tier benching for up to 8 sauna enthusiasts, plus a lounge and dressing room with extra seating. It's like a sauna party waiting to happen! The organic design seamlessly blends with nature, and there's a front terrace with tables and benches for pre-and-post-sauna relaxation. Oh, and if you're into wood-fired saunas, there's even a nifty wood storage spot! Natural light floods in through large round windows and a rectangular window in the dressing room. Sauna time just got a whole lot fancier! 🌿🔥🎉

  • Spacious two-room interior
  • Sustainably sourced Northern European Spruce features a brushed texture, distinct knots, and consistent heartwood
  • Chemically free thermal modification naturally enhances every board to its core
  • Unrivaled rot and moisture resistance with exceptional stability and durability
  • Superior insulating properties keep the heat in and stress and worries out Intuitively engineered for simple DIY installation Installd
  • Rain jacket, flooring, and exterior trim package included

Specs & Downloads

  • Capacity: Up to 8 people
  • Total Length: 161"
  • Inside Diameter: 75" (Tall enough to stand in)
  • Wall/Board Thickness: 1.65"
  • Weight: 3000 lbs
  • Waterproof: No, but a rain jacket is included
  • Heater Requirements: 9 kw or 10.5 kw, pairs with the HUUM Cliff 9 or 10.5
  • Installation Requirements: Needs to be on a level, solid service with good drainage that can support over 3,500 pounds.


The installation requires at least two people and an entire weekend

  • Full-length Thermo-Pine staves (1.65” thick)
  • Benches of Thermo-Aspen (1.1” bench tops, no knots)
  • Backrest of Thermo-Aspen (1.1” rests, no knots)
  • Front Room benches of Thermo-Pine ( 1“ thick )
  • Terrace Benches and table of thermo pine (1.1“ thick“)
  • Sauna Room Floor grid of Thermo Pine ( 0,7“ Thick)
  • Tempered bronze glass door between front room and sauna room
  • Wooden door with 3 windows ( Standard glass ) – lockable
  • Round window in front wall(Standard glass)
  • Openable window in back wall
  • Stainless steel barrel bands
  • Black roof shingle kit
  • Extra roofing underlay to go under shingles
  • Spruce cradles, Spruce fascia board
  • Air intake and exhaust vents
  • Installation and Operation Manual


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The G11 is shipped to your address in a large wooden crate via flatbed truck. The carrier is not responsible for unloading the sauna, which includes lowering the crate to the ground. Arrangements need to be made for a forklift to unload the sauna from the truck. A signature is required for all freight shipments, and it's important not to sign if the shipment is damaged. If you notice damage and do not sign, the shipping company that damaged the shipment will be responsible for those costs. If you have ordered a sauna heater, it will be delivered separately. You will need to ensure you have a level and stable surface for your barrel sauna.

Heater Requirements

This barrel sauna is designed to pair with a 9kw or 10.5kw heater like The Huum Cliff. The heater and barrel sauna kit must be purchased separately.

Our two favorite things are saunas & sustainability. We only sell sauna ware that we love from companies we believe in. And as members of 1% For The Planet, a portion of all of our sales goes directly back into environmental projects. It’s a win-win-win.

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