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6 Reasons Why Having a Home Sauna is Worth it

With busy lives and schedules, convenience is often a luxury that goes out the window. 

We all experience times when we just don’t have the energy to drive to the gym, to that yoga class we know we need, or to the sauna for some self-care because it’s just a little too far. After a hectic day, and once we’re in the comfort of our own homes, we don’t want to get up and leave again. But after the missed exercise opportunity or sauna session, our bodies know it, and we don’t feel as good. We might even feel a little guilty about it too.

But what if you could enjoy all the benefits of sauna time that you love, from home? So you don’t have to battle rush hour traffic or sacrifice your wellness routine. 

Sounds like a dream, right?

In this blog, we cover some of our top reasons why having a sauna at home can be a real gamechanger. 

Types of Sauna at Home

For your lovely abode, there are three different types of saunas to choose from. There’s no wrong answer here. Picking one really just comes down to personal preference. 

Infrared Home Sauna

Infrared saunas run at a much lower temperature than, say, your traditional Finnish sauna. And unlike a traditional sauna, heat penetrates the body through near and far infrared wavelengths to elevate your body’s core temperature. If the word “wavelengths” sends your guard up, hang tight, because there are studies to support its safety and health benefits. 

One Japanese study reported that people who spent 15 minutes a day for two weeks in an infrared sauna saw a significant drop in blood pressure compared to a control group who spent the same amount of time in a “room-temperature” space. Additional research showed that time spent in an infrared sauna could even help those with irregular heartbeats, improve scores on physical fitness exams, and support endothelial function in the heart’s vessels. 

Pretty amazing, right?

If you choose to install an infrared sauna in your home, ours come with built-in speakers (for your favorite playlists), multiple light colors for chromotherapy and aesthetics, and are easy to install. 

Custom Traditional Sauna

Traditional Finnish saunas should be heated to at least 170 degrees, oftentimes they’re heated up to 190. They’re unique because you have the option to pour water over hot rocks, releasing steam and humidity into the air.  Because of the water element, a traditional sauna will have a humidity level between 20 and 40%. 

If you choose this type of sauna for your home, you’ll get to work with Rory, our sauna installation specialist, to discuss the process of building your own custom sauna. We sell products like Huum sauna stoves, Thermory real-wood products, and Harvia heaters (just to name a few) to help give you the high-quality sauna you deserve to enjoy anytime you want. 

Wood Burning Sauna Stoves

The most traditional sauna comes from a wood burning stove. They offer a relaxing ambiance combined with the pleasant aroma of burning wood. With this type of sauna, you can drive the temperature up above 200 degrees! It’s great if you prefer it hot, but for most people, we recommend keeping it between 180-190 degrees. 

Benefits of Sauna at Home

Now that you know a little more about your sauna options, we’re going to get into the best part and that is, covering some of the benefits of having a sauna right at home. 

01. Health Boost

Consistent sauna time comes with a whole host of benefits — reduced inflammation, stress relief, better sleep, and improved cardiovascular health just to name a few. If you’re a competitive athlete, sauna time can also help with muscle recovery and improve your training. For a little inside scoop, see what competitive runner, Tory Grieves, has to say about her experience!

With a sauna at home, you can utilize these health benefits anytime you want. Get your day started with a sauna in the morning as a natural wake-up booster or wind down with a relaxing session at night. After all, making time for sauna is easy when all you have to do is walk a few steps.  

02. The Convenience Factor

We’ve already touched on this a little, but in our opinion, this might be the best perk of them all. There’s really nothing that compares to enjoying sauna time in the comfort of your own home — especially in the winter months. 

With short days and cold temperatures, it can be really tough to work up the motivation to leave the house. But with a sauna at home, you can warm up and take care of your health without having to battle the outside elements. 

03. Private Oasis

Sometimes you just want to take a time out and have a few moments alone. We get it. Being able to enjoy the sauna on your own, with no one else around, takes relaxation to a whole other level. With a sauna at home, you can listen to your own music playlist, work on your mindfulness practice, or just enjoy the stillness of your private sauna. For another option, you could even add aromatherapy to your experience by using essential oils. Whatever you choose, an at home sauna makes your preferred, customized experience possible.

04. Low-Maintenance

As far as health and wellness options go, saunas are fairly low maintenance. With a correctly installed sauna (and by practicing good hygiene in it,) all you’ll really have to do is a quick wipe of the floors and walls and make sure stones aren’t damaged. It’s that simple.

05. A Way to Enjoy Time with Friends and Family

Yes, your sauna at home will act as your private oasis, but there are times when you’ll want friends and family to join in too. After all, it’s a great way to spend time together and build memories! 

For centuries, saunas have been a shared tradition in the Finnish culture and other regions of the world to spend time with family and community members. A sauna at home gives you the opportunity to create your own traditions with the ones you love most.

06. Increases Home Value

Whether or not you’re looking to sell your home, when the time comes, having a sauna installed can greatly increase your home’s value. Aesthetically, it adds a special, modern look to any house, and you can be sure buyers will instantly appreciate its value. It's beautiful, functional, and the benefits of sauna alone will impress anyone interested. 

Ready to Install a Sauna at Home?

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February 07, 2022
By: Sauna House