Outdoor Private Hot-Cold-Relax
Outdoor Private Hot-Cold-Relax
Outdoor Private Hot-Cold-Relax
Outdoor Private Hot-Cold-Relax

Outdoor Private Hot-Cold-Relax

Book the coolest outdoor Hot-Cold-Relax space ever. This will be your last chance to book this experience for a while before our mobile sauna hits the road for the summer.

Come chill outside with heated furniture, a fireplace, wood-burning sauna and ice-cold plunges (with lots of real ice).

Book for yourself or get a group of up to six people together for an outdoor sauna party.  $175 gets you unlimited access to the mobile sauna, outdoor plunges and heated furniture. 

This is a great way to enjoy the warmer outdoor weather during the day at a discounted rate.


2 Hours of Outdoor Awesomeness

Get unlimited access to our outdoor sauna, cold plunges and heated furniture for two hours. Make it a private outdoor patio party for you and your crew.

Host Six of Your Friends

Reserve the outdoor HCR space for up-to six people, adding more cost savings. This is the most cost-effective private experience we offer.

Wood Burning Sauna

Enjoy the smell and sounds of our only wood-burning sauna. Want to experience true löyly? You can have full control over the temperature and humidity of our mobile sauna.

Real Ice Cold

Our outdoor cold plunges are filled with lots of real ice, so these bad boys get COLD!!

Product Details

How to book

  • Select one of the dates above plus a quantity of one.
  • There is only one quantity available for each date.
  • Sales are first come first serve.
  • Add the date to your cart and checkout.
  • You will receive a confirmation email after checkout.
  • Show up 15 mins before your scheduled time.
  • Bring up-to five friends.
  • Footwear is not included, so we encourage you bring sandals.

What's included?

You will get full access to our wood-burning mobile sauna for your two hour visit, plus access to our outdoor cold plunges, heated benches and fire pit. One complementary tea per guest is included with your session. Each guest will receive one bath towel and one hand towel. You will also have access to indoor changing lockers, showers and bathrooms.

What makes this experience unique?

  • It is our only outside patio offering.
  • We are only offering this experience in Asheville for two days.
  • This is our only wood burning sauna, so you have greater control over temperature and humidity.
  • Our outdoor plunges have real ice and get really cold.
  • It is our largest group booking option.

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